DNOW 2023

February 17 - 19 2023  |  Fellowship of Wildwood

17770 Mueller Rd, Glencoe, Wildwood, MO, USA

Date: Feb 17-19

Who: 6th-12th Grade Students

Speaker: Mark Montgomery

Cost: $75 ($150 cap per family)
$40 (for first time guests or friends invited by a Fellowship Student)

If you need to pay via cash or check, please contact Pastor Tim for instructions on how to complete the registration process.

Registration closes end of day January 20.

We all know how the world is. It seems like it’s been that way forever. It’s normal. And compared to the world, Christianity can seem upside down and back to front. That is, until you meet Jesus, and He changes everything. When that happens, you come to realize it’s not Christianity that’s upside down, it’s the world! In fact, Jesus is actually the One who (through the Gospel) has set His followers RIGHTSIDE UP again. You see, Jesus and His Gospel change everything, and we are invited to live in that reality.  So, question for you: Are you ready to live life RIGHTSIDE UP?